My personal corner


I was born into an Armenian family in the beautiful country of Iran. I received my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics in my home town, Tehran, before embarking on a US journey to a small, cute city named Providence.

In May of 2006 I defended my PhD thesis from Brown University and added two extra letters to my name. Currently I am in Paris as a postdoctoral researcher until further notice.


I love going to the movie theaters or watching films at home. My favorite genres are small budget independent movies, comedies (Woody Allen style), and cheesy romantic comedies. Listening to music and buying CDs is one of my hobbies (read addictions), I am a big fan of rock music.

Traveling is another one of my passions, I check out lonely planet once in a while to plan my dream trip. The list is getting longer and longer and the remaining time shorter! I also enjoy cooking, surfing the web, reading weblogs and spending time with my friends. Recently I have started taking photos as a hobby. I am thinking about haveing my own photoblog. My plants have a special place in my apartment. I dream of one day having a yard or a balcony.

A bit about languages...

If I weren’t a physicist, I think I would have either chosen to be a linguist or a chef. I enjoy learning about languages and their interconnections. This curiosity started when as a child I realized that some words are almost the same in various languages. For example in English we have "door", in Persian "darr", in Armenian "doorr" ("oo" pronounced like poor) and then suddenly in French it becomes "la porte". Finding words like this was a little game I would play on my own. And I still do. Take a look at the Indo-European language tree to see how these languages are connected.

I thank A. Azimi for his help with making this website for me.